Évita Yumul


Recent Objects
- Untitled (何時まで—) - Watch that stopped at 12:16:23, Wednesday 256, 34mm case, 8.875in length; Ctd.
- Resignation - Watch, 1.16in case on 25.5in cord*
- Untitled (Perfect Lover)5 - Alarm clocks, Each 2.2☓2.2☓1.2in, ideally separated by a distance ~/+ 11mi 
- Untitled (レモン) - Plaster, paint; 3☓2.25in, ideally set on corner of white horizontal surface >5' off ground, Edition of 2; Also
- Teen Spirit II - EdP4, 15ml°; Also
- Blues - Acetate, 43-22-145, Edition of 2°  
- Hanko - Self-inking rubber stamp, .25in dia imprint, Open edition°; Also  
- Perfect Lovers (Economy II (after FGT))5 - Pair, each 1.06in case with leather bands, 8.25in length°; Also, Also


Recent Booklets
- Raspberry & Raspberry too - Desc.; Both 14pg equiv., 16☓5.1cm, ~e30b5d/w, numbered open edition
- FUIWDWUTM II–XXIV - See; Various page counts, 15.2☓10.2cm, gw, staple bound; numbered open edition
- Photographs I took (from Facebook): Last One, Real Quick - 5, 20☓33cm, quarterfolded sheets in 17.8☓11cm sleeve, color digital; 30 copies
-  / - Desc., 60pg, 16.5☓9.7cm, bw laser, staple bound; open edition
- 9 – 5   A – Z   I. - Desc., 32pg, 17.8☓10.2cm, bw laser, staple bound; 38 copies
- images from a book i cannot afford - 60pg, 20.2☓16.8cm, bw laser, cardstock cover, staple bound; 30 copies
- Close Cropped Ikebana - 24pg, 17.6☓12.4cm, color laser, cardstock cover, staple bound; 50 copies2
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