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New York


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April: Thursday 25–Sunday 28 PM NYABF (H27). New titles.
April: Saturday 6 FZF at Barnard.
March: 𝑡

November: Sunday 19, table at PM SZF at Brooklyn Museum. New (2 (Pearl and Quackers)) and old work, titles for and with others (Ai Oë, Booklet, Citygroup, KBF).
August: Form in rem booklet for Citygroup & a pin. Updated .org.
May: Note: I do not write poetry. A Lover's Dog-ears reprint, ?? copies and free.
May: If a Leaf Falls Press has published Even hand
April: Started _ (replaces FU..., _, _)
March: 93°

November: Switzerland.
October: It is cold in New York.
September: ✿002!
July: _________ & its Desc. & log complete.
June: Run/Off has published In short–
May: Objects update
February: Raspberry & Raspberry too are new.

July: I am still alive. General sweep, compiled this page (finally).

?: Humble Books still has copies of Close-Cropped Ikebana—
September: Freedom (Blue) granted, Added Freedom II
August: Freedom (Blue) complete (!!!)
May: Freedom (Blue) extended
January: Freedom (Blue) extended

February: General overhaul (Architecture-related incl.)
January: Booklets > De minimis I, 1 & 9 – 5  A – Z  I.

December: Old > sadgrl.com RIP revive, See also
August: Objects > 何時まで—, Resolve
June: Writing > Other > Template
April: Objects update
March: Édition update
February: Booklets available through Tenderbooks
January: New webs


Notes & References
1 Email for URLs
2 Ref. Close Cropped Tales (cover), John Baldessari, Buffalo, NY: CEPA Gallery, 1981.
3 _ukio _ishima; Ref. ISBN 1780233450, 68-71.
4 Notes; Spray.
5 Untitled (Perfect Lovers), 1991, Felix Gonzalez-Torres.
6 May 2016

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